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Friday, March 28, 2014

Dance of Democracy – Election Waves in India

As we all know India is the largest democratic country in the world. Being democratic it is also required to have a stable government to rule over the country and work for the welfare of their citizen. Moreover, as per the Indian constitution election occur in every 5 years period. So, election fever of 2014 has begun and it is in full swing now a day.

After seeing the performance of present government in last 10 years and as per the current scenario of country a large number of people are still wondering. There are lots of unanswerable question revolving in their mind just like… “How would be the next government? What is the guarantee that coming government will not cheat the people? How cost of living would be affected for the common man and many more?

Every political party has come in to the battle and trying to woo the people with their manifesto, tempting promises. Although, people are now much aware than 10 years back and they know what is right & what is wrong. Moreover, social media is playing a vital role this time and a mass number of audience especially youths are very active here. So we can say that technology has changed the political environment in the country.

In India political system is mostly based on caste & religion and that’s why politicians are using them for the sake of their own advantage. Still accused candidates are fighting election and every party has given ticket to mafias, dacoits, and culprits somewhere. Party changing has also become tradition now. If a candidate has not been given ticket from their party then they are moving to others.  So, we can say they are only running for their own benefit not for the sake of people. I don’t know when this will stop but it’s really bad for the country.

In conclusion I would just like to say that you must cast your vote as it is your right but choose the best candidate from your location don’t go for the culprits at any cost. If none of the candidate is good you just press the button of right to reject in the EVM. Don’t let any criminal to go in the parliament. It is you who can change the system. It’s a democracy so you have power to choose the right candidate & superior government. I will be back with more post till then keep reading & enjoying.

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